The documentation is currently updated for the 0.75 version.

Minimal Configuration

In order to run properly LeTBS, you will need the following plugins. You can grab them from the demo or on the github page. The core plugin is obviously required but some add-ons can be removed. This order is recommended.

  • LeUtilities
  • easystar
    Core plugins:
  • LeTBS
  • LeTBSConfig
  • LeTBSWindows
  • LeTBSTurnOrderA
  • LeTBS_DamagePopupEX
  • LeTBS_TilesMarksAuraEffects
  • LeTBS_WinConditions
  • LeTBS_Summoning
  • LeTBS_RhymeSmoothMapScrolling
  • LeTBS_BattleLog
  • LeTBS_EntityHud
  • LeTBS_RTPUse

easystar is a fast and reliable path finding library. It's required to run LeTBS.

If you're using Yanfly's plugins, proceed as following:

  • YEP_CoreEngine
  • YEP_BattleEngine
  • ... (Yanfly's Core plugins)
  • (LeTBS plugins)
  • (Other Yanfly's plugins)

Folder configuration

The system need a special folder to locate graphics. Create a folder LeTBS inside img. In that folder create the following ones: Battlers, Projectiles, Status, TurnOrder. In that same folder you should also have some graphics required for the system. I suggest you to simply copy/past the img/LeTBS folder from the demo.

Then, set up your actors and enemies graphics following the next page.


There are two tags that LeTBS uses. One for AI configuration and one for a more general configuration.
The main tag:

another instruction

The ai tag:

another instruction

Further in the documentation you'll be asked to insert an instruction to a specific tag. It means filling that tag with a new line. For example the main tag with the instructions scope: circle(2) and aoe: square(1) will look like this:

scope: circle(2)
aoe: square(1)

That tag is then applied to a skill or an equipment or whatever database object, depending on your needs.

For convenience, further in this documentation, tag will refer to an instruction to be assigned to the main tag, and ai tag will refer to an instruction to be assigned to the ai tag.

The configuration file

One of the core plugins of this project is LeTBSConfig.js. This is actually a configuration file used to customize your TBS as you wish. This file is really important and should be preserved. Make a backup of that file frequently. The next pages cover how to use and modify that file based on the result you're seeking for.